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Newly founded in 2015, START Entrepreneurs is the branch of START Global, originating from a fusion with the former Young Entrepreneurs Club, that promotes and encourages entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen. Our goal is to raise awareness at the university, as well as support and inspire growing entrepreneurs along their journey. We offer exclusive events with speakers involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, workshops and real life cases for students to gain practical insight, and our own startup Incubator that pushes students’ ideas into businesses. As a platform connecting students, founders, mentors, investors, and different institutions of the startup scene, we provide a valuable network. We believe in innovation and the creativity of students, and want to help them build the successful companies of the future. Don’t wait to become part of the largest entrepreneurship focused student club in Switzerland!


Become a part of the START Incubator 2016 and take your chance at building your own startup.

We offer to the most promising early-stage startups from the HSG and ETH mainly the possibility to further develop their business in the environment of an incubator. START and the ETH Entrepreneurs Club, with the help of a few other specialized partners, provide attractive prizes and a fast paced learning environment to support their start-ups in their growth.

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    Our Concept

    Over a period of four months, each group will be provided with coaching, office space and workshops. You will be intensively prepared to build a prototype and polish your business model. Finally, you will be prepped to pitch your business and then present it at the investors day!

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    What You Will Learn

    We help you in all the different aspects of creating your business model and launching your company. Networking, team building, financing, product development as well as marketing and deploying are some of the topics that will be reviewed.

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    Your Profile

    We’re looking for candidates who are ready to learn and get involved! You need to be highly motivated – there is no quitting! You also have to be team-orientated, because building a company takes time, but most importantly it requires a good team.

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BearingPoint Pitching Workshop

Knowing how to pitch is essential for entrepreneurs, and we are offering you the unique chance to practice your pitching and get feedback from experts from the Be.Project.
Senior consultants from BearingPoint will share with you the key tips and tricks to mastering a successful pitch and what investors expect from it. HSG start-up Cofoundme will then join us in explaining how they have had to adapt their pitch to the situation of being studententrepreneurs. Then each student will get the chance to practice and receive feedback individually or in teams. Everyone is welcome to join!



Jodel has been one of the most talked about apps on campus for several months. Now, the start-up team is coming to us to tell you more about their company, building it up and growing it out.

The event will take place in three distinct parts: a CASE CHALLENGE, a WORKSHOP and a MAIN OPEN EVENT! More information on our Facebook event!

18:15-19:30 | Audimax – 09-010 | In ENGLISH
Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer, Jodel founder, tells us about his story and Jodel’s creation and popularity. Q&A will follow for you to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Jodel.

APERO will follow at the START offices, drinks on us!


Cases is the golden opportunity to test your skills in problem-solving. START Entrepreneurs partners up with exciting startups facing real-life business problems that need solving in under four months, such as branching out in new markets or finding a new guerilla marketing idea.

The best students are teamed up and start working on the case approximately 10 weeks, with creativity and motivation! In the process of working on the case, various workshops and social events will give the teams access to the startups. The teams of participants will also be given access to a mentor from the start-up they are working with for advice and input throughout the program. The teams then present their solutions at the final event, where the jury will select the winners and award a special prize!

  • For Students

    •  the chance to work on real-life problems that startups face
    • develop valuable teamwork, analytical and communicative skills
    • receive a letter of recommendation for your efforts, and a special prize for the winning team


  • For Startups

    • solutions for real challenges
    • unique ideas to help you improve
    • motivated groups providing unique perspectives



This year’s partners (Click on the logo to read more about each case)

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Success Stories

Below are some of the startups that START Entrepreneurs have pushed in their growth over the past few years. We look forward to helping many more!

  • Cofoundme
  • Gymhopper
  • Drive4Less
  • Cofoundme
  • Wiggles
  • Drive4Less
  • Shaken Cocktails
  • UniMATE
  • regage
  • Conga
  • Nutreat
  • BoomBet
  • Deskhopper
  • Climp

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